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We believe that when it comes to IT, nothing is impossible! No matter if you have a desire to build a Prototype of an app, or if you need to integrate two complicated Enterprise systems, we can make it happen!


Java, Python, CodeX, ReactNative and all the rest, is part of our vocabulary. Just let us know what specialist you are looking to find or what code base you need support with and we’ll sort it out.


Digital marketing is the way to go and you know it. But simply saying lets throw some budget against Google AdWords or Facebook Ads won’t be sufficient. Today, successful businesses engage bloggers, viral YouTube videos, banner tagalongs and so much more.

Bottom line we help you grow your service. BIG time. Lets understand your target market, product offering, run some quick tests and then go all in to get you in #1 spot against all your competitors.


Sometimes great code and great digital marketing is not enough, especially when it comes to Enterprise clients. You need senior people on your team, that on the one hand understands the code and on the other hand understand customer needs.

We have great experience from Sales and Business Development of various IT services globally. Want to expand but don’t want to carry the extra weight? Outsource this to us!