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A Bit About Us

The Mocom team consists of ambitious people, thriving on the thought that we are all working with the most advanced tech and helping our clients and our societies evolve, become better. We come from different industries, but with the common denominator that we all have strong IT background.

We have our own in-house team, that can work remotely  or at a clients location. In addition for some specific projects we bring in contractors that help us achieve a specific task. We also help clients pull together dedicated IT teams that we incubate, then later transfer over to client in order to evolve the service further. Key thing is that we always focus on the client and that they get top rated services and solutions.

Daniel Bessmert
Managing Director

Sofie Tåden
Head of Marketing

Björn Nilsson
Partner Strategy

Alvaro Sanchez
iOS Development

Dimitry Sechin
Back End Engineer

Carla Cornelius
SEO Expert

Benjamin Hawards
SEO Expert

Veronica Mendez
UI/UX Designer